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Holiday Gift Guide

Activ Touring™ Portable Curling Broom Handle
  • $169.99
Heritage Curling Stocking Cap
  • $19.99
Miniature Granite Rock with Gooseneck Handle
  • $64.99
Goldline Carbon Fiber Impact Broom
  • $179.99
Gushue Ultra Lite Men's
  • $259.99
Women's Momentum Rush
  • $199.99
Mini-Curl and Shuffleboard Game
  • $79.99
Ice Bucket
  • $49.99

Team Gifts Under $50

Let your team know you care about them this holiday season

Curling Rock Christmas Ornament
  • $14.99
tūk Broom Cover
  • $29.99
Rocks on Socks Classic
  • $21.99
Cribbage Board
  • $36.99
Flip-End Caps
  • $10.99
Cookie Cutter
  • $7.99
2D Glitter Rock Necklace
  • $34.99
Good Curling Shoe Laces
  • $5.99

Rock and Player Equipment Rentals

Are you planning an Olympic-themed or other Pop-up style curling event?
Need curling props for your film shoot?
We have equipment available for rent!

More Information and Rates

Outdoor Curling

Curling is easily adapted to an outdoor game and makes a fun addition to any public space or backyard!

We make it simple by bundling all the products you'll need to start up outdoor curling, with packages designed for organized leagues, casual pick-up games, and backyard family fun.

Have questions? Just give us a call at 800-256-0009 and we'll be happy to help!

Outdoor Curling Equipment

We're Hiring!

How would you like to operate your own Mobile Pro Shop? If you have a flexible schedule, an outgoing personality, LOVE curling, and live anywhere from Wisconsin to Ohio, we'd love to talk to you!

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What's New

Activ Touring™ Portable Curling Broom Handle
  • $169.99
Goldline Carbon Fiber Impact Broom
  • $179.99

Sold out

Trailing Leg Stabilizer
  • $89.99
Men's Momentum Rush
  • $199.99
Blaze Unisex Curling Gloves
  • $49.99
Clutch Unisex Curling Gloves
  • $54.99
Rocks on Socks Classic
  • $21.99
Rocks on Socks Black
  • $21.99

Opening a New Club?

Our New Club Starter packages include everything you need to get your club off the ground in no time, including delivery, installation, and training! 

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Meet the Owners

Dakota Curling Supplies is based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and serves curlers and clubs across the nation. Owners Darcy and Paul Ellarby have a combined curling history of nearly 60 years and have experience in many aspects of the sport including competition, club management, coaching, and ice making.

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Our Mobile Pro Shop

If you'd like us to bring the Dakota Curling Supplies Mobile Pro Shop to your club or event, please let us know!

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