Whether you are looking to purchase used or new rocks, we can help!

Full Sized Granite Rocks

A complete set of 16 reconditioned (used) rocks with handles generally runs $4000 - $7500, depending on the style, granite quality, and age.  By comparison, a complete set of new rocks with handles will range from $8500 - $13000.  Rock rentals, either short or long term, are also available. 

"Real Rock" Junior Rocks

We also offer "Junior" curling stones which are made of a composite granite material and look just like full sized stones but are both smaller and lighter.  These stones are good for use with younger players or for recreational installations that are significantly shorter than regulation length (100' or shorter).

Steel Rocks for Outdoor Curling

If you are planning to play outdoors on natural ice, we strongly recommend using steel rocks that are purpose made for use in that environment.  We sell two sizes:  One at 10" diameter and weighing 24 pounds for use on outdoor sheets of regulation width, and one at 8" in diameter/15 pounds for more casual back-yard or pub curling where space is limited.

10" / 25 Pound Steel Rocks

8" / 15 Pound Steel Rocks

Give us a call at 800-256-0009 to let us know your needs and we'll find a set of rocks that works for you!

Rock Varieties

Ailsa Craig Common Green with Blue Hone Running Surface Inserts

These are commonly considered "Olympic Style" rocks and are quarried in Scotland. The upper portion of the rock is Common Green granite, which is a green shade with robin-egg black speckle.  Blue Hone granite is fitted into the bottom of the rock as the running surface.

Keeney Stones (Also known as Hudson Bay Stones)

A more entry-level stone, these rocks are usually a sandy brown color with square shaped shoulders.

Trefor Stones

Trefor stones are commonly thought of as the most "cosmetic" stones available and come in a variety of colors such as Red, Blue, Gray, and Brown. These are quarried in the northern part of Wales.