Starting Up a New Club

Whether you are starting up on arena ice or building a dedicated rink, we understand that opening a new club can be a daunting process.  We've been around the block a few times and we can help!

Dakota Curling Supplies is the only US-based curling supplies vendor offering a complete package of bundled equipment, delivery, and on-site training needed to get your new club off the ground successfully.

We've designed these example packages to suit most clubs starting from scratch. If you have special requirements we are happy to customize a package for you.

 Base Package  $1625

Per Sheet Package $1400

  • Pebbling Can
  • 2 Pebbling Heads
  • Measuring Device
  • Hand Scraper
  • 60" Mop


  • Line ribbon for marking perimeters, hog line, and tee line
  • Vinyl mesh curling rings (re-usable)
  • Two hacks with rubbers
  • 8 Club Brooms
  • 8 Grippers, mixed sizes
  • 4 step-on sliders
  • 2 Delivery Aids
  • 1 Standing Delivery Queue

 Rocks & Ice Scrapers

Whether you're looking for new or used equipment, we can help you source both rocks and an ice scraper that fits your budget.  Call us for more details at 800-256-0009.

More information on Rocks

More information on Ice Scrapers

Ice Setup and Training $1250 + travel expenses

This is an optional one day session in which two experienced ice makers visit your club to walk you through your first ice install and train your team to carry on after we are gone. 

Topics include:


Flooding in an arena and flooding in a dedicated facility are two very different things, requiring different skills and techniques. We cover the best approach for your circumstances, and will help you apply a flood (if possible) at the end of the day.


If you are in an arena, does the arena have a Zamboni they use to prepare the ice for you? Or do you have a scraper too? How about using a scraper in a dedicated facility – what is the best way to use it?

We discuss techniques and approaches for getting the most out of your scraper, and getting the best ice possible in your particular setting, along with on-ice instruction on scraping techniques and how to best use your scraper.


We will teach you how best to use your pebble, and train your ice crew in good pebbling practices. This is totally hands-on, so come prepared to walk backwards a lot.

Setting Hacks

You probably need to freeze-in hacks before every league night, but what is the best way to do this, and still be able to get the hacks out afterwards? We will practice this, so you know how to do it right.