Rock and Player Equipment Rentals

If you're planning an Olympic themed or other pop-up curling event, we offer sets of curling rocks and player equipment for rental!

Rock Rentals

  • $850 per full set of 16 rocks, 3 days use
  • Individual rocks and smaller quantities for film shoots also available
  • Pickup and return in Lakeville MN, or we can arrange freight shipping at your expense
  • May be used indoors or outside
  • Freeze down hacks included

Player Equipment Rentals

  • Player Equipment package for one sheet (8 players) includes 8 brooms, 1 delivery stick, 1 step on slider, 1 delivery aid
  • $150 for package, 3 days use
  • Equipment will be used but in good condition

Pebbling Equipment Rental

  • Pebbling is optional on outdoor ice and recommended on indoor ice
  • Pebbling rental includes one over-the-shoulder pebble can and one pebble head
  • Pebbling rental equipment is $250, 3 days use

Ice Markings and Scoreboards are available for purchase only.  We will happily make recommendations for DIY alternatives!

Call us at 800-256-0009 with questions and to reserve your rental equipment.