Arena Nationals First Timers Orientation

If you're headed to Arena Nationals for the first time, you're probably full of questions and uncertainty about what to expect!

Two-time Arena Nationals Medalist and Dakota Curling Supplies owner Darcy Ellarby is offering a FREE webinar to all first time competitors to share answers and advice that will help prepare you for a successful and fun competitive experience.

Missed the live presentation of this webinar?  You can still watch the recording!  Registration is required.


Topics will include:

  • Making the Most of Pre-event and Pre-game Practices
  • What is the Last Stone Draw and Why it is so Important
  • Playing Under Time Clocks
  • Equipment and Uniform Requirements
  • Managing Roster Changes During the Competition
  • The Important Roles of Player Alternate and Coach
  • Mental Toughness in a Week-long Competition


This webinar is offered by Dakota Curling Supplies and is not an official presentation of USA Curling.