Arena Nationals First Timers Orientation

Arena Nationals First Timers Orientation

If you're headed to Arena Nationals for the first time, you're probably full of questions and uncertainty about what to expect!

Two-time Arena Nationals Medalist and Dakota Curling Supplies owner Darcy Ellarby is offering a FREE webinar to all first time competitors to share answers and advice that will help prepare you for a successful and fun competitive experience.

Missed the live presentation of this webinar?  You can still watch the recording!  Registration is required.


Topics will include:

  • Making the Most of Pre-event and Pre-game Practices
  • What is the Last Stone Draw and Why it is so Important
  • Playing Under Time Clocks
  • Equipment and Uniform Requirements
  • Managing Roster Changes During the Competition
  • The Important Roles of Player Alternate and Coach
  • Mental Toughness in a Week-long Competition


This webinar is offered by Dakota Curling Supplies and is not an official presentation of USA Curling.