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With everyone buckling down for a winter stuck close to home, we're getting lots of calls about setting up backyard curling!  Curling can be adapted for a backyard setting and makes for a fun family activity.  We recommend these products which are ideally suited for an outdoor setting.  Feel free to give us a call for advice and answers about how to set up your yard for curling this winter!

9 products found in Backyard Curling

Steel Rocks for Outdoor Curling / Recreational Use
  • $195.00
Rink Rocks for Outdoor Curling / Recreational Use
  • $150.00
Vinyl Mesh Rings
  • $249.99
Universal Backpack Pebble Can
  • $229.99
Fiberstick Line Tape 300' Roll
  • From $9.99
Fiberstick Hog Line Tape 300' Roll
  • $59.99
Thompson Pebble Heads
  • From $48.99
Freeze Down Hacks
  • $65.99
Marco Hack Rubbers
  • $41.99