Trailing Leg Stabilizer

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Many curlers are unable to achieve the “ideal” curling delivery and end up with their trailing leg dragging on the ice.  This added drag slows down the slide and introduces twist that makes it difficult to throw accurately.  Now, with the Trailing Leg Stabilizer, all curlers can slide straight at the broom and even reach the hog line with ease!

  • Dramatic improvement in delivery accuracy
  • Padded for comfort
  • Includes thin back panel for less bulk behind the knee
  • Both top and bottom fit adjustment straps
  • Includes a 5/32 Asham Teflon disk
  • Eliminates knee prints on the ice!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Better Than OK

Amending my review of February 3, I found that I may have been attaching the knee slider a little too low on my knee. I now find that little adjustment, if any, is needed when getting into the hack. The more I use this device, the more comfortable I am becoming with it. Thanks to Darcy for reaching out to me and expressing concern for any dissatisfaction I had and Dakota's willingness to make things right. They are good people to deal with.

More stable and consistent slide

This has helped with my line and stability in sliding. It has also helped with giving me a more consistent delivery with my bad knee.

Just OK

I've been curling almost 50 years and find I need a little help with stability. When this knee slider is in place, it can work properly. But the elasticized velcro straps don't stay tight around the leg. I have to constantly readjust it before stepping into the hack. At this price point I would not buy another unless the straps were reconfigured to fit more securely.

Worth the money!

I'm 63 & took up curling last year in a novice league. I'm a bit chunky at 235lbs and don't fold up like a pocket knife anymore. I drag my right knee to remain stable, and this shortens my slide considerably. Using this I slide out 2-3x further so it is a big help in delivery and accuracy. Got a little bit pricey delivering to BC in Canada but justifying it to myself as equipment needed to improve my game. If you find you drag your trailing knee and it limits your slide this is for you!! :^)

Marian Carson
Love my Trailing Leg Stabilizer

I was having a lot of trouble keeping my balance when delivering the stones. I frequently went down on my knee which would not only slow the slide but caused me to struggle maintaining the deliver line.
Using the slider has helped so much and gives me a new level of confidence every time I deliver a stone. The slider is well made, comfortable, stays in place and really easy to strap on and off. I'm a big fan and will definitely get another one when / if this one begins to wear.
I certainly recommend this knee slider.